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Zenon Niyomwungere



Name: Zenon Niyomwungere

Nationality: Burundian

Host Institution: Eduardo Mondlane University

Course: Masters of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics

Thesis: The role of social networks on agricultural technology adoption: case of maize production in Mozambique



Experience of my studies in Mozambique


When I was informed that I got the share scholarship and agreement of studying at Eduardo Mondlane University, I was full of joy and looked forward to see my colleague and Eduardo Mondlane University. De day I arrived in Maputo it was too hot and I found that the weather is difficult, people were speaking portugues  and I was not understanding, for buying water and food it was a serious problem. The second day Prof. Mutondo came to see me, I was alone in one house where Elsa put me.Mutondo gave me a warm welcome and I found him too kind.

On 25 February 2014, we went to the University for Registration, I got my academic registration number (20144861), and it was a great day to me because I saw that it is no longer a dream to be a master student. When we started class it was really where I faced difficult. First of all, I could not hear and understand the explanation of professors in English and also my background in marketing was different with the subjects that we were learning such as applied statistics and Econometrics. My classmate especially Sisay from Ethiopia, Imelda from Benin and Vera from Tanzania helped me a lot to understand different subjects that we went through whole the year 2014 and I passed the year, wishing them to be blessed by God.


However, the second year 2015 of research was too tough more than the first year. I used secondary data and I took long time to read and understand how to run descriptive statistics, Logit and Tobit regressions in STATA software. The supervisor was not guiding, reading and giving me back the work on time but from November 2015 to March 2016, he helped me a lot to do and understand deeply the work. After straggling a lot during the two years, I am so happy to finish and I want to thank all professors who taught me especially Emilio Tost√£o who guided and helped me to understand how to conduct a research. My gratitude goes also to Mutondo who taught us financial and risk management and Zavale for the Supply chain Management. I like these subjects and I appreciate the way they taught these subjects. Finally I thank share project and RUFOROM for supporting me in these studies.