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Vera Alphonce Masika

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Name: Vera Alphonce Masika

Nationality: Tanzanian

Host Institution: Eduardo Mondlane University

Course: Masters of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics

Thesis: Maize value chain Analysis in Sabie-Maputo Province






Maputo is a nice city; people know how to use their weekend and public holiday effectively. This is different from my experience with East Africa countries. When it reach Friday 6:00 pm everyone has settled his /her mind where to go weekend and relax with friends, family, relative or job colleagues. I can give an example at this summer time majority of Mozambican spend their weekends in different beaches within and outside the city. What they usually do is to prepare time table to rotate in these beaches weekend to weekend. This is different from East Africa people who spend weekend making follow up to their enterprise located in different places.


In Maputo people speak two Languages i.e. Portuguese and Xangana. I tried to learn Portuguese so as copy with the society but it was difficult. Funny thing when you moved down town and people noticed you cannot speak Portuguese well you’re in trouble. People will tell you “aqui Maputo falar Portuguese” this mean here Maputo people speak Portuguese. The society is not willing to learn English like as African countries. One day I went to the hospital and I could not get service because I was speaking English. I moved around to find someone to help but people were not willing to speak English.