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Senait Metaferia Tafese


Senait pic


Name: Senait Metaferia Tafese

Nationality: Ethiopian

Host Institution: Eduardo Mondlane University

Course: Masters of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics

Thesis: Willingness to Pay for Tomato Insurance: The Case Study of Moamba District, Mozambique



My experience Studying abroad


I am so lucky to have had the experience to study abroad in Mozambique. This is the farthest place away from home so I was not happy in the beginning. I had classmates from different countries like Tanzania, Malawi, Benin, Burundi and Nigeria. It was difficult to me to start friendship in the beginning. Fortunately my time there changed to better environment because I found some Ethiopians which were not my expectation and they gave me piece of advice to adapt the environment. Then, I tried to understand their behavior and had having fun with my classmates.
Mozambicans have a very sociable and relaxed way of life style, making it easy to get accustomed and meet the people. I did not quickly make relationships with them because their official language is Portuguese and most of them they don’t speak English. Lately, I started learning Portuguese language and my life become easy to buy and get services. And a started having Mozambican friends and exchanging culture. I was astounded by their culture for example dressing, dancing and celebrating ceremonies made my experience so amazing. Living away from home also enables me to develop as an individual. Generally, I learned that developing strong relationships with people is one of the most important things in life.