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Omer ALI Mohammed Abdalla


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Name: Omer ALI Mohammed Abdalla

Nationality: Sudanese

Host Institution: University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Course: Master of Philosophy degree in Agricultural Extension




My Experience Studying Abroad

The opportunity of studying abroad granted me the privilege to expose myself to a new academic environment which is different from that of my university in Sudan (University of Gezira). I got the chance of learning science-based knowledge and experience from professors of Agricultural Extension at University of Cape Coast. These knowledge and skills will form a strong foundation for my academic career. I came from an Arabic speaking country to study in Ghana; this helped me a lot to improve my skills in English expression and academic writing. Not just the academic experience, I have been exposed to the Ghanaian culture, local ceremonies, and I like many types of the Ghanaian food.

Studying abroad gave me the chance of interacting and sharing experiences with students from different cultural backgrounds. I learnt a lot from those colleague students. They presented themselves in interesting manners. I have been influenced by most of their positive ways of thinking and dealing with our daily life courses. Moreover, from their cultural and language backgrounds, I learnt how to greet people in several Ghanaian local languages and easily adapt to Ghanaian local conditions. I also had the opportunity of living and studying with students from a Portuguese speaking country, from Kenya, from Nigeria and Liberia from whom I knew how to greet people in the Portuguese language, Swahili and some Nigerian and, Liberian local Languages.