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Abayisenga Olivier


Abayisenga Olivier


Haramaya University

MSc. Agrometeorology and Risk Management

Thesis: Impacts of Climate Change on Durum Wheat (Triticum turgidum L var durum) Production: Analysis of Future Adaptation Measures in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia


Personally speaking I must say that studying abroad in Ethiopia was a great opportunity especially when It comes to the department that I was involved: Agrometeorology and Natural Risk Management. I have a positive adding to my Curriculum Vitae. However, my first challenge was language, English. Actually, this started the time that I was purchasing my entry visa to Ethiopia. I had to travel to Kampala for the first time and to express myself in English and now for the serious matter. Only my face could express my feelings.

Upon arrival to Haramaya University, I got to meet many people from different countries (Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, USA, England as well as Ethiopia). Having French background meant that I had to be very careful in listening and to be sure what I said was right. However, I quickly adapted myself to the situation by reading too much, memorizing vocabularies, to be able to come up with my masters degree.

Staying in Ethiopia does not only improve my English, but it also provides me with the possibility to understand and make different contacts and a new culture especially like the friendliness of the people who quickly get attracted to foreigners and invite them for coffee which is related to their traditional practices. It also allows me to understand how to set basis for development for a country. Despite that Ethiopia is still among poor countries, the trend is quite positive. The most fascinating improvements are observed in energy and infrastructure (roads, condominium for government workers) sectors which is not common in many African countries.