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Imelda Mechtilde Aniambossou



Name: Imelda Mechtilde Aniambossou

Nationality: Beninese

Host Institution: Eduardo Mondlane University

Course: Master Of Science Degree In Agricultural Economics

Thesis: Analysis of Economic Comparative Advantage and Competitiveness of Maize Farming Systems in Sábie, Moamba district


Study experience in Mozambique


I would like to start by addressing my sincere gratitude for this opportunity to express myself.


I am grateful to the Intra-ACP share programme for the chance to obtain a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics at “Universidade Eduardo Mondlane” (UEM/Mozambique). Even though the project covered health insurance for the whole two years, I got health insurance for only the last year of the program. Mozambique is a very expensive country even in buying food staff. Thus the first year was much difficult because of the huge amount I have spent to get health care. I am from a French speaking country (Benin), and therefore have learnt two more languages (English and Portuguese). I got research fund via the grant awarded by the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) through its Field Attachment Programme Award (FAPA).


As I said earlier, life in Maputo is very expensive. The amazing fact is that even Food stuffs are expensive. But this study programme has given me chance to interact with people from different countries (Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Burundi and Ethiopia). Staying in Mozambique for 2 years provides me possibility to understand and experience new culture. Moreover, being in Maputo gave me some opportunities such as (1) managing the CTA stand during the RUFORUM at Maputo in July 2014, (2) working at the ReNAPRI Secretariat during the 2nd Annual ReNAPRI Stakeholders Conference at Maputo in October 2015.


Going to another country speaking different language from the language speaks in my home country is really amazing and therefore I urge other students to explore the beautiful world and culture while studying abroad. One more time I want to thank Intra-ACP share program for this opportunity, all was useful and I am a better and great person because, in addition of French I can speak English and Portuguese (moderately). And above all I have my degree of Master of Science. With my study abroad, I feel the need to recommend it to everyone else as this will be a once in a lifetime experience. Getting to know the Mozambican way of life is a very exciting experience that will always accompany me and to some extend become part of me. So please let us go study abroad!!!