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Gabriel Karubanga



Name: Gabriel Karubanga

Nationality: Ugandan

Host Institution: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology


Thesis: Effectiveness of video-mediated extension approach in influencing social learning among rice farmers in Uganda: the case of SASAKAWA Global 2000


Gabriel Karubanga
PhD student/Grant Awardee
1.0 About the Intra-ACP SHARE grantee
My name Gabriel Karubanga is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Extension and Innovation, Studies, Makerere University, Uganda. I am a PhD student in Agricultural and Rural Innovation from Makerere University. My research field covers agricultural extension service delivery, including plant clinics and ICT-based approaches to stimulate agricultural innovation and improved delivery of extension services.
1.1 Journey towards the Intra-ACP SHARE scholarship
Writing a PhD thesis and manuscripts requires ample time and a lot of resources. When I joined a PhD programme at Makerere University, the first question I asked myself was, how best can I concentrate and accomplish my doctoral studies on time with limited disturbances?
Following the advert, it was around April 2016 when I applied for the Intra-ACP short mobility scholarship to travel abroad and concentrate on writing my thesis. Interesting, my prayers were answered by Intra-ACP-SHARE project. I was nominated on 15th May 2016 by the SHARE team to undertake a short Intra-ACP short mobility scholarship abroad. The intra-ACP – Sharing Capacity to Build Capacity for Quality Graduate Training in Agriculture in African Universities (SHARE) scholarship was awarded to me to stay at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in Nairobi, Kenya. The six months’ short mobility (TG1 PhD) scholarship
at JKUAT started on 5th July and ended on 18th December 2016. I was pleased to be received by Professor Losenge Turoop, a host and contact person while at JKUAT. Professor Losenge is also the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture in the Department of Horticulture.
1.3 Brief experience while on a short mobility abroad
During the six months’ period of stay at JKUAT, I have been exposed to diverse stakeholders with whom I have exchanged experiences. Manly experience has been during the conferences and seminars: Such fora allowed me to meet new colleagues and friends from other universities, public sector and private sectors. As indicated in the figure on the right side, the conferences provided a good platform for me to share experiences with diverse groups of people while abroad including researchers and fellow graduate students. This provided me an opportunity to establish networks for current and future collaborations.
As a staff and PhD student in the Department of Extension and Innovation Studies, Makerere University, the PhD mobility scholarship has helped me improve on some writing skills which I hope to transfer to other students at my home university. It has also capacitated me with new teaching approaches with more focus on enforcing practical skills among students. It has also provided me an opportunity to interact with fellow professionals as well as creating ample time to concentrate on PhD thesis and manuscript writing and submission. Without this form of mobility support, the journey towards accomplishing this PhD studies would not be possible.
1.4 Special thank you
Special gratitude go to Intra-ACP mobility SHARE project team for the financial support that enabling me travel abroad and concentrate on writing up my thesis. Without their timely financial support, the accomplishment of my doctoral studies would not be possible. Finally, I also thank Professor. Losenge Turoop of Department of Horticulture, JKUAT for hosting me and continuously guiding me through the six months of stay abroad.