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Masters of Science in Research Methods

Duration (in semesters): 4 Semesters


The general objective is to build, sustain and strengthen regional capacity for teaching, learning and practice of impact-oriented research for development and scientific progress. The specific objectives are:


  1. To mount a regional graduate training programme in Research Methodology built on a strong foundation of theoretical and practical norms and standards geared towards meeting the current international concerns including the Millennium Development Goals, the dynamic trends and changing roles in research agenda, and current demand for impact and increased accountability
  2. To produce graduates with a solid foundation in research methods concerning on professional and soft skills and equipped with current tools for today’s research
  3. To promote collaborative network amongst regional institutions to enable them share and exploit existing research potential within the region to inform relevant policy
  4. To produce at least 150 graduates within five years, with knowledge and skills essential for carrying out and supporting quality research for development, well versed or able to identify research priorities or regional problems and subsequently offer relevant research approach focussed on their resolutions

Structure and content

First semester units

ARM 3002 Algebra, Calculus and matrices for Statistics

ARM 3003 Descriptive statistics

ARM 3004 Statistical modelling

ARM 3005 Principles of Agriculture

ARM 3006 Socioeconomics and Development


Second and Third Semester Units

Core units (7 + Thesis)

ARM 3101 Research Methods 1

ARM 3102 Research Methods 2

ARM 3103 Data and Information Management 

ARM 3104 Research Implementation Skills and Seminars

ARM 3105 Statistical Methods 1

ARM 3106 Statistical Methods 2

ARM 3108 Statistical Computing

ARM 3109 Project


Elective Units

ARM 3110 Environmental & Spatial Statistics and GIS

ARM 3111 Agricultural Experimentation and Ecology

ARM 3112 Epidemiology and Public Health

ARM 3113 Clinical trials

ARM 3114 Bioinformatics and molecular genetic methods

ARM 3115 Research Issues in Measuring Development Goals 

ARM 3116 Quantitative Methods in Environmental Economics

ARM 3117 Research approaches in Market and Innovation systems

ARM 3118 Climatic variability and climate change


Year II:   Research and thesis production


Learning outcomes:

On completion of this programme, the graduates should be able to:

  • Explain the foundations of resarch design including ontology and epistemological perspectives
  • Differentiate different resarch design and their relevance
  • Formulate and execute a variety of research designs and using appropriate tools
  • Analyse, interprete and appropriately present research reults tailored for a variety of audiences


Recognition obtained

Approved by University senate and accredited by the Commission for Higher Education in Kenya in 2009


Tuition Language